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Class Guidelines

Before You Come

1 / Class Booking

Class bookings can be made 7 days in advance of the class. It is important that you book your class in advance since some classes are more heavily attended than others.
开课前7日开放报名,比如 2月8号的课,将于2月1日系统开放报名。

2 / Cancellations

Ready, Here’s what you need to know in preparation for your class:
- Be sure to arrive at least 10 mins early to unwind and settle in, so you’re ready when class begins. Class starts right on time, and latecomers of more than 10 minutes will be
respectfully turn away
- We know that life gets in the way sometimes. Should you need to cancel your class, do so at least 12 hours in advance to avoid losing your class credit(s).
- Students are required to book a class at least 2 hours in advance.
- 请提前至少10分钟到达瑜伽馆,为了给学员更好的瑜伽体验,迟到超过10分钟的学员,
- 我们知道生活总有很多惊喜,如果您需要取消课程,请提前12小时,以避免您的课时被
- 学生至少提前2小时定课。

3 / Waiting List

When a reservation is cancelled more than 12 hours before the class time, a spot will be open to students on the waiting list or for 'Last Chance' booking. The system will send you an email confirming your space.

Preparing before the Class

1 / Amenities and Equipment

We will provide everything you will need for your practice: mats, props and other amenities.

我们将会给您准备课程所需器材如:瑜伽垫 ,瑜伽轮 ,瑜伽砖 ,瑜伽绳等。

2 / Food and Water

Yoga is best enjoyed on an empty stomach, so eat lightly or not at all for 2-3 hours before. Make sure to keep hydrated by drinking water both before and after class.


3 / Health History and Injuries

Tell your instructor about any injuries. This will help the instructor know how to adjust you or show you a modified pose if necessary.

告诉您的瑜伽老师,如果您有任何不适和受伤 ,瑜伽老师会更好帮助到您。

Arriving at the Studio

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your class to allow yourself ample time to sign-in and prepare for class. All classes start on time. Once class starts after 10 minutes, you will not be allowed entry.



Entering the Class

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. All classes start on time. Please do not leave the studio while class is in progress.
● No talking: The yoga studio is a silent room.
● No eating: Do not eat in the studio.
● No shoes: Remove your shoes before entering the practice rooms.
● No mobiles: Silent mode for your mobile phones.
● Please be courteous to staff and other students at all times.
● Students are to be reminded that the teacher's role is to guide and assist
students through the class, which may not include the demonstration of all
● If you are unwell with symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, you are encouraged to wear a mask while in our premises.

● 请勿在教室喧哗。
● 请勿在教室饮食。
● 请勿把鞋子带入教室。
● 请勿在教室打电话
● 请尊敬每一位老师和学生。
● 指导和协助学生练习是老师的职责 ,这可能不包括所有姿势的示范
● 如果您感觉不舒服如咳嗽,发烧,流鼻涕等 ,建议您可以戴上口罩。

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