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VIP课送!送!送! Free VIP classes!

5月VIP狂欢节 ,VIP课送!送!送!

1. Ins /小红书连续转海报3天, @ 小客服 领取一节

2. 微信朋友圈不分组转发海报,集赞👍 20 ,截图发给客服 ,领取一节

3. 4/15-5/15 之间购买任意配套(不包括$69 & $188 配套)送3节VIP课

4. 和同伴一起购买配套,再各送2节VIP课

Conditional :



May VIP Festival on Yoga bliss ! Free VIP classes!

1. Share the poster on Ins or Little Red Book for three consecutive days, tag @yogabliss to get one VIP class.

2. Share the poster on WeChat moments, get at least 20 likes👍, take a screenshot and send it to customer service to get one VIP class.

3. Purchase any packages between 4/15-5/15 (excluding the $69 and $188 packages) to get three VIP classes.

4. Purchase a package together with your friend(s) to get two more VIP classes for each .

Conditional :

The validity period for all VIP bonus classes is within 30 days.

Contact customer service to get more informations .

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